Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zinc Bar Gig (April 29th) Pt 1.

On a recent Sunday performance at the Jazz For Kids show at Jazz Standard I was pleasantly surprised to see Alex Kossi from Zinc Bar along with his family. I hadn't seen Alex in nearly 10 years (at a guess) so it was great to catch up. Within the week I met Alex at Zinc Bar's new location where we settled on a performance date for my new big band The David O'Rourkestra. Folks ;) This is not just any gig to me - it marks my first time to lead a band in a NYC jazz club in a number of years since I backed off performing when arranging took a hold of me. Sure, I strapped on the guitar for private parties and other under the radar gigs accompanying vocalists etc but I seemed to lose interest in leading a band. In the meantime the Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra and it's impact on it's members and alumni began to take on a life of it's own while providing me with a lot feeling of fulfillment as I watched these very talented youngsters grow into great performers.

For the Zinc Bar gig I will be joined by Jennifer O'Rourke and Nina D'Alessandro on vocals - [Joseph Walsh will make a guest appearance also]. Pianist George Mesterhazy, Bassist Alex Herrnandez, drummer Jon Mele make up the rhythm section along with yours truly on guitar. I will follow this post with updates that will include more background on the upcoming, the musicians who will be joining me etc. I will post about George Mesterhazy and my trips to Cape May to perform with George's Trio at the Merion Inn.

Back later...

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